Carlie Whitwham, Marketing & General Business

Carlie Whitwham

Digital/Social & Creative Lead, The Edge Communications

JDCW Involvement: 2013 Social, 2014 Tax, 2015 Marketing, 2016 Co-Captain, 2017 Business Strategy

Why join JDC West? The real question is, why wouldn’t you?

Looking to gain experience and skills that will make you exponentially more valuable to a potential employer upon graduation? JDCW will help. Looking to create a network with fellow UNBC students and in the Northern BC and Western Canadian business world? JDCW will help. Looking to better understand the career options that will result from your degree; amp up your public speaking, analytical, and strategic skills; and gain confidence? JDCW will help.

Yes, it will take more time and more hard work – it’s worth it.

Joining JDC West in my first year, I had the opportunity to work in some capacity with all aspects of the team, whether it be in a competition role, a leadership role, or an executive role. All of these aspects allowed me to refine existing skills and explore new skills that I didn’t know I had, revealing new strengths that I now use every day in my career. I learned that the only jobs for business people aren’t limited to “Accountant”, “Manager”, or “Banker”, and that there’s a world of opportunity out there to use your specific abilities to create value for an employer or client. You just have to know how to confidently and effectively showcase and use them. JDC West gives you the opportunity to learn how to do just that and I can tell you, at least in my experience, it has proven to be more valuable than anything I learned in an undergraduate classroom. My mentors and contacts, many of whom have become clients, strategic partners, or close friends, is a network based largely on the interactions I had as a result of JDC West – whether they were friends I met on the team, coaches, sponsors, or fellow competitors from other schools. If you join, I also strongly encourage you to take a stab at a leadership role by running for Captain or being a part of the Executive during your time at UNBC. The experience is indescribable, and you will build an additional level of management and team dynamic skills that will even better prepare you for the workforce and the level of opportunity available to you after grad. If you have any hesitation about getting involved, do yourself a favour and at least give it a shot. You’d be surprised at what you might discover.

Date: July 18, 2017